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HydroCork von Wicanders

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In diesem Magazin lernen Sie eine neue Einsatzmöglichkeit von Kork kennen. Hydrokork stellt eine Weiterentwicklung der klassischen Korkböden dar.

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Find out more at Low telegraphing effect Avoids minor subfloor irregularities from passing through. Suitable for Subfloor Heating It can be used with subfloor heating systems. Dimensional Stability Hydrocork can withstand weather variations. An amazing step in flooring More silence More warmth More walking comfort More body wellness More impact resistance Remarkable Realism Available in 12 Vinylcomfort visuals with rich textures for an intense and natural realism. 25 years warranty for Residential use, and 15 years for Commercial. The first low thickness floating product Hydrocork is the ultimate amazing step in flooring offering a low thickness floating solution with all the benefits of floors with Corktech. The Corktech technology enabled the creation of an innovative core board made of composite cork. It is water resistant and incredibly stable, while maintaining the resilient properties and unmatched comfort brought by cork. Decorative material with a protective wear layer Agglomerate cork composite core Underlay for a balanced structure 6mm Ideal for renovations The product’s low thickness makes it the optimal choice for renovation projects, since Hydrocork can be installed on top of other surfaces, avoiding the need to remove a previously existing floor. This feature is enhanced by the product’s low telegraphing effect and easiness of removal. water resistant The Hydrocork board is water resistant so it will not swell when exposed to humidity. This means the same visual can be installed in all rooms of a house or building, and the product is also suitable for environments where low maintenance is a requirement. Hold two planks side by side. New compression system PressFit is a revolutionary compression system that takes full advantage of the amazing cork properties - flexibility, elasticity and compressibility - functioning like a cork stopper. STABLE AND STRONG INSTALLATION When the product is installed, the cork core generates an internal tension, creating a tight seal and stable installation. Easy and Fast Installation It only takes two simple steps to install a plank. Press down along the joint with the help of a white rubber hammer. When it is inserted in the gap, the cork core automatically compresses. Then, it expands back to its initial shape, forming a tight, stable seal.